The Meek

Remember the saying “The Meek shall inherit the Earth”? Right now we have never been further from this. Today, the Meek are destroying our nation.

I understand those who are staying silent…those who don’t want to pay the consequences of speaking up. In the past, it was “safe” to have a difference point of view….because your right to believe was protected in both concept and in reality. But right now, speaking out can be deadly. Your neighbor, your neighborhood, can become deadly if you don’t agree with the radicals at this moment. It saddens me….that we standing up for what we believe in, IN OUR COUNTRY, has become deadly to you and me. To the average Joe. It saddens me that this price, the same price paid by our military, is too high a price to pay. It saddens me even further that this price is paid DAILY by innocent people in what used to be their safe space. Their country. Their city. Their neighborhood…even in their home. It saddens me that the price to protect our way of life, at home, could be our lives. And it saddens me to see the elderly and the very young paying that price. Not because they were standing up for what they believed in. But because others chose to exact that price on them for defending their business, or even just standing in their yards.

What saddens me most is the MEEK in our cities and states, in our leadership. This not only saddens me, but it angers me. Those we elect to lead us, guide us, and yes, to protect us, made a huge misstep. In their hatred for one man, they have become the silent supporters of those who trample on our rights, our freedoms, and even our lives. Our Governors and Mayors, who make excuses for the looting, burning, and destruction of innocent businesses, neighborhoods, and lives. Who have allowed it to continue night after night after night. Who don’t want help….because they hoped to use the chaos to blame their opponent. But it got out of hand.

It backfired.

Because those who are sitting meekly at home have grown tired. Tired of the chaos. Tired of being afraid. Tired of hearing how everything is the fault of someone else. Tired of seeing our leadership turn a blind eye. Tired of seeing atrocities usually reserved for foreign countries. And in their fear, their tiredness, and even in their meekness, a resolve is forming. It started quietly….this “no more”. It is building, every day…”No More”. It is growing, still only a whisper….”NO MORE”.

And those who are supposed to lead us, to govern us, to protect us and our rights….they heard a whisper on the wind this week. And how did they respond? By whispering back….”ok, maybe this needs to stop”.

But we don’t want them to whisper. We want them to cry out for us, to pound their fists for us, to rally FOR US, to fight FOR US, to condemn and challenge and stop the madness. For us.

So who will do this? Who will be our champion? Who will fight for what our founding fathers spent 200 years building, and a small group spent months trying to destroy?

Can you contain the chaos you wreaked? Can you put the genie back in the bottle? What will it take? Who will make us safe again, make us America again? Or will we ever be safe again?

Or shall the Meek, quietly growing, become a lion behind the curtain of a voting booth?

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