A week of hypocrisy

It has been quite a week. One political figure got caught doing exactly what she knew was not legal to do, and then blamed the shop Owner because “she didn’t know”. An old addage comes to mind….”Ignorance of the law is no excuse”. But being as this figure had a hand in making those guidelines, was she really ignorant? If someone told me that breaking into someone’s business and taking merchandise was ok, would I really use that as an excuse to get away with it? Oh. Wait. That is happening too.

And then another political figure met with a man in a show of solidarity against racism. EXCEPT….the person he met with is vehemently and vocally racist. Against women, Jews, and anyone NOT like him. Mmmmm….its not like he makes any efforts to hide his beliefs. So why would someone running for the highest office in the land openly meet with him? Especially in a “show of solidarity against racism?”

I don’t challenge his beliefs. Because in America, we have the RIGHT to our beliefs. Even if I find them morally reprehensible, your beliefs are a protected right. But more and more our rights are being trampled, expunged, dismissed and deregulated.

Look at the truck driver and his wife who weeks ago were attacked. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time, dragged through the street, beaten….Did you see the images of him sitting, bloodied and broken in the street? How dejected and dispirited and demoralized he was? Did you see how many people simply watched? And then did you see an individual come up and kick him in the head? Leaving him for dead in the street? Can you see it?

Now, to borrow and slightly alter a quote from Matthew McConaughey in “A Time To Kill”.….”can you see him?

Now image if he were black.”

If the roles were reversed, if a mob of white men dragged a black man and his wife from their vehicle, beat them severely, urged on by others…and then one came back and kicked him in the head, leaving him for dead….what would happen then? The riots would start again….the destruction and burning of innocent businesses would start again. And if there were no public outcry, the protests would spread across America.

Those who are angry about oppression and racism and hate should be angry. Hate for any race, religion, creed, or belief is protected in these United States. Or they used to be. Today, it is ok to openly villify, damage, destroy, threaten, and suppress those who don’t believe what you do. Today, it is considered “appropriate” to spread hate and anarchy. Or is it?

In America, we celebrate freedom. Freedom of religion. Freedom of speech. And Americans are becoming intolerant of the intolerance. Those who claim to stand for the downtrodden and oppressed openly support downtrodding and oppressing those who don’t agree with them. And America is becoming tired. Tired of being afraid, tired of being told they can’t speak, can’t carry arms, can’t protect their families, can’t believe. If pushed too hard, America will take back its freedoms. The freedoms promised by our founding fathers, the freedoms our country was founded on. The freedoms that we hold dear.

Let Freedom Ring…..loud and clear. In your thoughts, your words, your actions. And in your vote. Let Freedom Ring.

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