Racism Today

We are now being told we should be ashamed for who we are, how we were raised, where we live and how much we make. That we should be ashamed to enjoy privileges we have earned for working hard.  More importantly, that we should be ashamed of the color of our skin as it makes us less. This is the heart of what we hated about racism in the past…..but it is now being held as the way to treat anyone who is white, affluent, wealthy, or has created any advantage by working hard and earning it.  Having a nice house is not being systemically racist.  Living a comfortable life in a comfortable neighborhood is not an example of systemic racism.  Enjoying the fruits of our labors is not systemic racism, even if those who don’t work don’t have the same things.  In America, if you work hard, you prosper. That does not make you a racist.

Racism is, by MY definition, pointing to any people group and speaking, thinking or sharing ideals that those people are less deserving or less capable because of their race.  We have spent 200 years in America abolishing racism.  Now, racism is at the highest I have ever seen in my lifetime…..but that racism we see now is rampant towards whites.  White women are now referred to as “Karen’s”, living in a quiet neighborhood in a nice house is seen as undeserved, and those who were born white are now being described as inherently racist because of the color of their skin.  We are being told our neighborhoods and homes will be taken from us. Those whos’ battle cry is is BLM are being what they have always despised….they are treating others as despicable, less deserving, that their voices don’t matter and THEIR lives don’t matter.

We haven’t moved forward in the past few months, we have repeated history in a new and ugly way.  We have gone backward….lost ground as a society. An entire generation of children are seeing us at our worst, seeing the worst example set by us in decades. And they are learning by our example.

How can we change? We can Vote.  Legally, honestly, without fear.  Otherwise the worst is yet to come…and our Country, as we know it, will perish.

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