Democracy is lost

I am a true believer in the democratic process. My vote is not always the winning vote, but in a true democratic process, that is ok. Because democracy won out, which means we all win.

Democracy has been trashed, burned, thrown to the wind. There are people out there who have decided that YOU should not decide who runs our country, and that they know better than you do. They sent out unsolicited ballots. They hid the counting process. They have decided the outcome and are doing everything they can to ensure that goal succeeds. Even at the risk of taking our flag, our country’s values, our foundation…..and demolishing that. They don’t believe in democracy. They don’t believe in everything millions of men and women have died for in over 200 years. They don’t value your opinion or your vote. They only value the power that comes with their decisions and the outcome they want.

This power is dangerous. If they will disregard two hundred years of process, procedure, and the democratic way….what makes you think they will think twice about violating YOUR rights? Do they really care about what happens to you or your family? Do they care about your children’s futures? No. They don’t.

Don’t be fooled that this is a small thing. Because if we become one of the countries with “rigged” elections, we lose who we are as America. We lose all we have come to be valued for. Millions don’t flock here to have their leaders decided by coups and rigged elections- they are fleeing countries where that happens. Ask them why. Because it is corrupt, and that corruption bleeds into everything from that point forward.

I see a great change coming- a terrible, horrible change. Our country, our AMERICA, is being burned at the stake. You can see the smoke on the horizon, smell the terrible smell, and see the glow in the sky. And if we don’t stop it immediately, if we don’t fight with all we have, we will perish. All we know and love will perish. And a dark wave will sweep the land.

Sound apocalyptic? It is.

2 thoughts on “Democracy is lost

  1. Thank you for posting. I agree. We are living in frightening times. It’s terrifying to hear fellow millennials that I work with talk about how the Constitution of the United States is an outdated document written for people who lived 200 years ago and not applicable in our world today. It is the foundation upon which our country was built and has endured until now because, when upheld, it continues to ensure justice and liberty for all. A lot of people forget that the word ‘democracy’ doesn’t appear in the Constitution. America wasn’t founded on the idea of mob rule but was instead intended to be a democratic republic.


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