Thanksgiving in America

Over 250 years ago, this holiday was borne through the settlers of a new world celebrating their first harvest free from tyranny and oppression.

But in 2020, in that same country and after generations of those early settlers have sacrificed and died protecting the freedoms borne in a new world…..we are experiencing a level of tyranny and oppression never before seen here.

Families are being told they cannot gather with family to celebrate Thanksgiving day. Police are being ordered to enforce these rules,citing families with Class C misdemeanors. In this state, that is the equivalent to public lewdness. Really??? Gathering with your loved ones is the same as hanging your tallywacker out for everyone to see? What country IS this???

One state is asking teachers to interrogate their students next week to see if anyone violated this….because they are prohibited from gathering with ANYONE outside the resident family. Last I knew it was illegal to interrogate children, especially without a parent or guardian present. But the teachers unions have grown so powerful I guess they are above the law. AND low enough to browbeat children into snitching on their parents.

I remember as a child celebrating our country’s Bicentennial. I remember the picnic that July 4th vividly….the BBQ cooked by the fire dept., The fireworks, the barbershop quartet singing patriotic songs. And I remember feeling so very PROUD….proud to be part of the greatest country, proud to be an American. Proud of those who lived and died and fought for my right to bear arms, my freedom of speech, my right to gather and protest, freedom of religion.

Those rights, all of them, disappeared this year. Who knew a virus could bring down the greatest country on the planet? Who knew the side effects of a virus could rip from us all that our Constitution stands for? All our flag stands for? Who knew that the memory of those who have died on battlefields throughout the world could be sold out so cheaply, and more importantly, how quickly? Who knew OUR OWN people, our leaders, would rip those rights from us as if we lived in some communist country?

I am sad….mourning the loss of My Country, this of thee….sweet land of liberty. Of thee I have lost.

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