The End of America as We Know It

Frustrated people stormed the Capitol yesterday….and they have been vilified for that. But those that are crying foul are the same people who just months ago were justifying the looting and burning of businesses….the beating to death of innocent people trying to protect their livelihood. Kamala Harris stated that the rioting of the fall would not and should not stop. Nancy Pelosi commented “people will do what they do”.

Protests and the right to do so are part of the freedoms we enjoy in America. Do I justify the destruction of property….or more importantly for the loss of life? No, I do not. But I also find the hypocrisy despicable. BLM stormed the Capitol and stayed a week. Trump supporters left DC last night. What was the difference? The only difference….the big difference….is that if you loot, burn, destroy, beat and even kill…..but it helps the far lefts agenda, it is acceptable behavior. If it is a group supporting the one President who will probably go down as the most vilified man ever to hold that office….that group is considered far worse.

Those who think that Antifa and BLM actions this last summer and fall were justified now have the power to change everything this country stands for. Right now they are saying that if yesterday’s group was a BLM group, they would have been gassed, arrested or killed and Biden is furious about that. But yesterday, people WERE gassed, arrested and killed. So banging your fist against a podium crying foul is ludicrous.

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