Dear Joe

Dear Joe…..things have come to a head, and I’m very concerned over the state of things here in America. Who knew a virus could truly bring our country to its knees? Is that really what happened? Or did powerful people take advantage of a pandemic to see just how far they could go turning America…turning Americans, into something unrecognizable?

In response to fear, many Americans were ok with their freedoms being limited for a while. They stayed at home, schooled their children…..and believed their governments recommendations. And because they readily agreed for the public good, some asked “How far can we go? What else will they hand over? What else will they believe?

At that point, groups of powerful people began working within to drastically change our country. It became acceptable to loot and burn and assault property owners. Those in charge said it was understandable…that people were frustrated and needed to express that. But when opposing views emerged, a shocking thing became apparent: our freedom of speech, our right to have an opposing view, one of the cornerstones of this great country, was no longer a right. It was ok to destroy property, to express yourself in violence, but not ok to have an opposing view or express another ideal. Those in power encouraged people to harass those with opposing views….and harass their families. Meanwhile, these high ranking opportunists worked hard to “refund the police”….removing the protection the common man relied on, while at the same time hiding behind their own private security teams.

Since then, our society has continued to be eroded. Our government paid people to stay at home, crippling businesses already struggling after the pandemic with a lack of workforce. There is no one to process raw materials, leading to severe shortages of everything from food to building products. There are few to transport those items that are made, and fewer still to stock the shelves. Walmart can’t staff a customer service desk so you can return items, and self checkouts are becoming the norm to handle high demands for goods with no cashier’s. Shelves are bare of necessities like bread, milk, and other items.

Our experts can no longer agree on the best way to stay healthy, and whatever mandates are issued are ignored by those who demand compliance. Even Congress, demanding everybody be vaccinated with a innoculation that has shown disappointing results, and penalizing businesses who don’t fire those who refuse, has determined they are not to be held by the same standard. Congress is exempt from the mandates. Even those who got us through the biggest pandemic to ever hit this country….those who worked day and night, risking their lives to treat the sick and dying. You’ll see them fired if they don’t comply with a medical treatment you have no confidence in yourself.

And you, Joe…..elected to lead us through these troubling times….have let us down. You swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States. But every day you remove our rights, our freedoms, our protections under the law. You allow hundreds of thousands to invade our country rather than immigrate as outlined in our founding documents. You promise them freedoms I am denied, but refuse to protect us from the dangers they bring. You promise them they can have freedom and prosperity, and demand the funds be borne by those of us you have belittled, begrudged, denegrated, and despised.

I don’t know if you’ll ever see this letter. Because of things you’ve said I don’t know if you are even our true and active President. Quite frankly I’m not sure WHO is running out country. But some of us still remember..,Believe…in the United States of America. Some of us will hold that ideal, fight for it, work hard and do what it takes to preserve it. Because America is worth everything.

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