Dear Joe

Dear Joe…..things have come to a head, and I’m very concerned over the state of things here in America. Who knew a virus could truly bring our country to its knees? Is that really what happened? Or did powerful people take advantage of a pandemic to see just how far they could go turning America…turningContinue reading “Dear Joe”

Thanksgiving in America

Over 250 years ago, this holiday was borne through the settlers of a new world celebrating their first harvest free from tyranny and oppression. But in 2020, in that same country and after generations of those early settlers have sacrificed and died protecting the freedoms borne in a new world…..we are experiencing a level ofContinue reading “Thanksgiving in America”

Democracy is lost

I am a true believer in the democratic process. My vote is not always the winning vote, but in a true democratic process, that is ok. Because democracy won out, which means we all win. Democracy has been trashed, burned, thrown to the wind. There are people out there who have decided that YOU shouldContinue reading “Democracy is lost”

Racism Today

We are now being told we should be ashamed for who we are, how we were raised, where we live and how much we make. That we should be ashamed to enjoy privileges we have earned for working hard.  More importantly, that we should be ashamed of the color of our skin as it makesContinue reading “Racism Today”

A week of hypocrisy

It has been quite a week. One political figure got caught doing exactly what she knew was not legal to do, and then blamed the shop Owner because “she didn’t know”. An old addage comes to mind….”Ignorance of the law is no excuse”. But being as this figure had a hand in making those guidelines,Continue reading “A week of hypocrisy”

The Meek

Remember the saying “The Meek shall inherit the Earth”? Right now we have never been further from this. Today, the Meek are destroying our nation. I understand those who are staying silent…those who don’t want to pay the consequences of speaking up. In the past, it was “safe” to have a difference point of view….becauseContinue reading “The Meek”

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