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Dear Joe

Dear Joe…..things have come to a head, and I’m very concerned over the state of things here in America. Who knew a virus could truly bring our country to its knees? Is that really what happened? Or did powerful people take advantage of a pandemic to see just how far they could go turning America…turning…

My Body, My Choice My Freedom

I have chosen not to receive the COVID vaccine. This decision is not based, as some have insinuated, on my political beliefs. It is not based on “misinformation”….it is based on how I have made all the decisions in my life. I observe, I educate myself, I listen, and I think through the pros and…

The End of America as We Know It

Frustrated people stormed the Capitol yesterday….and they have been vilified for that. But those that are crying foul are the same people who just months ago were justifying the looting and burning of businesses….the beating to death of innocent people trying to protect their livelihood. Kamala Harris stated that the rioting of the fall would…

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